Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sticky Situations

Yeah, yeah…I know, it’s been a while. However, despite my lack of consistency, I feel the need to continue to make attempts to update this journey.

I am currently working at the Eugene Mission. Which is part of reason I have not blogged in a while. It’s busy. But it’s also part of the reason I am encouraged to continue blogging. I often walk away from work thinking this day should be documented, though some days I’m not sure anyone would believe me. Really, it’s that crazy.

But more than the craziness of the work, the real the story is the way I am being molded and stretched in the process. Working with people is messy. Messiness is intensified when you add working with people desperate for basic needs. The difficultly in all this is that several, not all, of these people are stuck in a season. Sometimes that means addiction, mental illness, or just plain lack of motivation. The Eugene Mission seeks to provide food, bed, gospel, and restoration in a SAFE environment. Being it is the job of the staff to ensure this safety means that sometimes it is necessary to turn people away. That’s a hard call to make.  And if I am honest, I hate confrontation.

Like I said earlier, I am being stretched. God knows the weak areas of heart. He knows I hate making decisions and being the person responsible for “the tough calls.” It’s easy to put blame elsewhere, “well my supervisor says…” I mean really, who wants to be the bad guy?

This season of my life has been exhausting for me. But I am in it for a reason. I am learning what it means to take each day one moment at a time. I am learning to forfeit my own ideas and wisdom because I know it’s the only way anything good will come of my day.

I have found rest in relinquishing control of my own desires. Seriously, there is freedom in allowing God to be in control. I had to make a tough conversation Monday. A guest made a decision that would not allow her to be in the Women’s Center, for safety reasons. I hugged her and asked to her to call me the next day and watched her walk down the street.

Normally, I would go home and wrestle over this all night. But I was confident that the Spirit guided this situation. I am not the Creator and I am not in control of this woman’s life. She is okay and safe, I spoke with her yesterday. And that had absolutely nothing to do with me. Anyways, this is the serious side of life at the Mission. Believe me, it is also entertaining. We can get to that later.

Warmly, freckles

Hear a story from one our guests here.

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